I have waited 14 years to finally go to Disneyland Hong Kong–a shining promise sworn to every kid. Yet, our feet have stepped on the park only this year, already married and with a child.

There’s a train headed for Disneyland when you get off Sunny Bay Station

We would have wanted for Tikoy to grow up a little bit more before planning a trip to Hong Kong “when he can remember what he’s seen”, but since the opportunity to travel with family came, well, “why not?”

Our itinerary was to spend a whole day at Disneyland to be able to go through all of its scenes and hopefully, try most of the rides. Afterall, it’s a 27.5 hectare park. We weren’t really sure if we can actually do it, what with a baby and his grandmother with us but we didn’t want to regret not maximizing our day pass.

It takes a while to clear the area from the crowd to get this family picture.

Atticus didn’t seem impressed when we entered the park. To be fair, he didn’t know any of the characters because of our no screen time policy but he does love the song “You’re Welcome” from Moana. It’s then that we learned lesson 1: the trip was actually for us–me, my husband, and in-laws who grew up watching and singing to Disney movies. I personally watched The Lion King and Toy Story on tape almost everyday of my 6 year old life and the magic will always be there. And until today, we’ll always be in awe of Disney films (so imagine our excitement for the live action versions of the classics!) and hope to introduce the stories to our boy in the years to come.

There was a long queue at the Dumbo ride, so we took pictures here instead.

So, off we went. We took our friend’s advise to download the Disney App which shows the map, queuing times, and show schedules, and started our tour counterclockwise (because most people will always turn to the right). It worked at the start, and our first encounters weren’t as crowded as we have expected but we somehow have lingered on the same area–Adventure Land–for 4 hours. This has included our lunch but still, that means we still have much to explore and the day is quickly closing.

One of the baby-friendly rides is this classic Mad Hatter’s tea cup.

We then started to get on some of the rides, and here came lesson 2: Bringing a baby can be limiting. First, there are only a number of rides you can try. Disneyland “casts” are quick to inform us if we can’t enter because our baby is too young as to not waste time lining up. Second, you have to move according to your baby’s pace. As much as we would have wanted to get around the whole park and try everything, we needed to stop from time to time to rest, feed, change diapers, and in our experience, clean-up after a throw up. Yes, Tikoy threw up his lunch while at the park, so we needed to give him an impromptu wash and change his clothes, clean the gear and more. At night, we weren’t able to see Toy Story land and Mystic Village in its glory because it was already too late when we got there.

Just right after Tikoy threw up near Adventure Land, we saw Moana.

Lesson 3: Eat. We had a total of 20,000 steps at the park alone. Naturally, we’d be hungry. It’s a good thing that we bought meal vouchers from Klook for lunch, snacks, and dinner because the food can be really expensive if you buy on site. With Klook, you get the meals at a discount, which we thought would be one of those “meh” food items. We were surprised that the servings are huge and tasty. We ordered different varieties and just shared them so everyone can get a taste of everything.

Our favorite was the Singapore Laksa which was spot on. Even our baby ate a lot of the noodles and rice
Getting these Mickey Mouse Frozen Lollipops and Popcorn is worth it–both for the Instagram and the tummy
The kiddie meal

Lesson 4: Wear light clothes and bring extras (that includes you, mom and dad!). You can already spot who’s going to Disneyland at the MTR just by looking at what the kids are wearing–Disney characters, of course! It’s very cute and would be my goal if we ever have a baby girl but the attire won’t be too kind on the kids because of the heat (Yet if I was a little girl, I’d totally carry on with my Snow White costume, thanks).

As for Atticus, we brought several types: a sweater in case it gets cold or if it rains, light t-shirts, and tank tops (sando). And since the heat that day was draining, we gave Tikoy a wipe off every now and then, and resorted to wearing a very presko sando after he threw up. He didn’t whine so much after this except for when he’s hungry. Uniqlo’s Airism would be great and also: bring a fan!

The parents also brought extra shirts and changed at night.

Our Apruva stroller never fails. It’s lightweight and easy to fold.
Some downtime at Tomorrow Land

Lesson 5: Never do away with a stroller. For us, we brought 2 gears: a carrier and a stroller to respond to what he needs: The stroller for going around the park, and the carrier for when he needs to feed while walking (or when he just wants to be with me). The park is huge, and if your baby is like ours who doesn’t walk much yet, the pram is your friend. I did hurt my back for carrying him too much. He was a little clingy than usual because 2 of his teeth were coming out and he didn’t want to come with anyone except mommy.

Most of the pathways inside the park are also stroller-friendly

Lesson 6: Put on mosquito repellent. We only went out of the park after the famous Paint the Night parade. Our baby was already asleep by this time so we put him on his stroller to be more comfortable and changed him into his romper. Lo and behold, he’s got mosquito bites! I regret letting him wear a short romper, for not slathering him with the repellent all over, and for not fanning him.

Toy Story Land at night time
The Paint the Night Disney Parade

They say that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth but when you have a baby you might want to re-calibrate that thought. All in all, bringing a baby to Disneyland may have some drawbacks but it’s definitely one for the books. And lastly, babies below three years old get free tickets to Disneyland Hong Kong!

Main Street USA

13 replies on “Lessons Learned on Bringing a Baby to Disneyland Hong Kong

  1. Wow 😲 what s family goal with a #travelgoals 👪 Thank you for sharing your tips po. Yay!!!
    IG Account: mattyen17.inc


  2. Salute you Momshie,yeah i agree that bringing a baby or a kid to disneyland or somewhere else is not that easy. We moms are the one that can carry our babies needs specially when they have tantrums 😊Hope you had so much fun after all.Godbless you and your beautiful family😍🙏


  3. I could relate to lessons 4, 5, and 6! We went to HK Disneyland last Nov to celebrate my son’s 4th birthday (and mom and dad’s bdays, too!) We thought it’s going to be cold just like in the location where we were staying at (Tsim Sha Tsui) but oh no, it was a hot day at Disneyland 😆 nagdala pa kami ng mga jacket, ang dami dami tuloy naminh bitbit. Wala pa kaming stroller that time so ang hirap maglakad at mag libot + I was 5 months pregnant that time! Stroller is really a must bring when you travel with a baby or a toddler. We enjoyed the showz esp the Lion King, also the parade in the afternoon, and all the rides (well, my sister, husband, and son since I can’t ride because I was preggy) 😂😋 dapat din may dalang mosquito repellant kasi pqg umupo sa may mga waiting area around Disney, may mga halaman at ang lamok! Tuloy umqqlis or tumatayo din kami agad. Haha! I’d say dapat nagresearch din muna kami on what to do/prepare to bring when we travel to HK Disneyland lalo at may bata. 😊😆


  4. Always Ready si Mommy 😊 Which is i want also to practice myself dahil dala dalawa pa yung baby ko i dont want to be forgetful when it comes to their needs lalo na pag nagtatravel 😊


  5. Wow this is great! We actually are planning to have our HK Disneyland trip first quarter next year. This is a very big help!

    IG: @vrnnmlla


  6. Wow! Still a great experience for me, who hasnt been in Disneyland but still praying to go there with my kids. I can super relate to Lesson 4 and 5, if you have a baby, it seems like youre bringing the whole house too haha because you tuck in a lot of stuff for them especially for emergency purposes. If you have kids, you should expect the unexpected, theyre very unpredictable. Their likes and dislikes, needs and wants, behavior etc. So as a mom, you really need to be ready all the time. Anyhoo, ive been really wanting to go in HK with my kids but after reading this, i guess ill just wait for them to grow a little bit so we can maximize the whole experience. Thanks for sharing this mommy Abi and Daddy Mark, and to the cutie lil Tikoy. God bless your family 😍


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