This year, Abi and I attended baby and parenting fairs for the first time. Since we spent the first six months of Abi’s pregnancy in Mindanao, we didn’t have much access to these kind of events. As a couple, we had experiences in book fairs and wedding fairs, but baby and parenting fairs are totally different kind of dinosaurs.

Take pictures at cute 3D photobooths like this from Spark Studio.

So, if you are first-time parents or first-time fair goers, we listed some lifehacks that will help you (hopefully) when you visit.

Research, research, and research.

Read as much as you can on the products that you are eyeing to buy. Before the day of the expo, decide on what you will purchase and stick to your budget.

Be on the lookout for new products.

When you find new items that you like, ask the sales people or booth in-charge for insider’s insights on the product. We learned a lot of tips through this.

Get product samplers.

Everybody loves freebies, specially when they come in cute/small containers. On another post, we mentioned about how we use product samplers during travel. And by the way, bring eco bags for your loot.

Wear flats.

Trust us, you want to be comfortable while combing through the expo. 

Atticus loved the comfy couch so much that he didn’t want to leave the Baby Dove booth.

Pack light.

We tend to pack a lot of extras for our baby and so our diaper bag gets too heavy. Try to bring the essentials only. Also, if you can, skip the stroller and stick to your baby carrier. Bulky items can get on your way and other people’s way because it gets a little too crowded.

We bought bees wax wrappers from this booth.

Find a  “surprise me” product.

Although we advised on sticking to a budget, there’s no harm in buying a new found item that you can surely use.

Enjoy the discounts.

Fairs are all about discounted baby products. Mathematically speaking, huge discounts come from baby equipment with hefty price tags. A 20% off on a 15,000 pesos-worth of baby equipment is really a considerable amount.

From small to big products, there’s a variety of baby gadgets from UV Care.

And talking about fairs, the Expo Mom 2019 is just around the corner. Don’t miss this three-day event, happening on May 17 to 19, 2019 at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center along Palm Drive, Makati City.  Doors open at 10AM until mall closing. Expo Mom 2019 #passitonmom will be filled with over 250 trusted brands from local mompreneurs and exhibitors, areas for mom, dad, and kids to enjoy, and all-day on-stage program for moms, kids, and even dads in the venue.


3 replies on “What to Do During Baby and Parenting Fairs

  1. tamang tama! my wife is planning to go to three fairs in the coming weeks, so this will be helpful! thanks! @nivek_yariv


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