Abi was already researching homemade baby food recipes while she was still pregnant with Atticus. For her, teaching our baby how to eat well is one of the most exciting parts of his upcoming milestones, aside from the fact that she has always loved cooking.

And so at exactly 6 months old, Atticus had his first solid food: Avocado. We were thrilled that his taste leans towards tangy fruits and veggies like steamed baby corn, baguio beans, kang kong, and to our surprise, okra! As our pedia advised, our food should be his food as well to avoid him becoming a picky eater. His grandpa will usually set aside a part of our “ulam” (viand) for him that has less oil and salt, then Abi will run it through our food processor.


Later, we slowly introduced coarsely mashed food so he can explore new textures and get used to the idea of chewing. We then adjusted our ways but later realized that having to bring out a huge food processor for a small amount of Atticus’s food isn’t cost and effort-effective. Other times, we mash them with our trusty fork but this usually works well with soft food items and there were still more dishes to wash than necessary.


We explored the baby gear market and discovered OXO Tot. If you haven’t heard of them already, OXO Tot is a brand that specializes in baby and toddler products that make a difference for your little one. Their line of items include food preparation sets, feeding, cleaning, on-the-go, and the list goes on.

We first tried the OXO Tot Food Masher.


This lightweight food masher set has a wide enough bowl and a collapsible masher which we think is a genius because it packs away nicely and comes with a cover. Both the bowl and masher has ridges for easier mashing.


Atticus loves to observe us preparing his food and later learned how to mash for himself, after that, he would eat them right away!


Second is their Baby Blocks Freezer Storage. A set includes a tray with 6 blocks.


Each block can keep 2 oz. of liquid and other food items and has a no-spill feature so it tucks away in our diaper bag perfectly and prevents food waste since each container holds just enough for a serving of his snack. This is great whenever we prepare his food in big batches as well so we can freeze the others and have them ready on a different day.


All in all, our OXO Tot gear has become our staple in feeding our baby at home and whenever we go out because they are smartly designed and space efficient. 🙂


Our Takeaways

On the Food Masher

  • Some vegetables/fruits can stain the bowl of the food masher. We experienced this first-hand when we mashed carrots for the first time. We panicked a bit when we thought the stain can no longer be removed. Good thing Atticus’s grandma said that we can pour hot water mixed with dishwashing liquid into the bowl and let it sit for a while. The stain didn’t magically disappear but after a few days, it was back to its original white.
  • We instantly fell in love with its packaging. The lines are perforated so you can tear and remove it from the package easily.


On the Storage Blocks

  • We like the click/snap sound when you close it. Other containers are too tight that you know it will be difficult to open them. Our experience with other brands is that since it’s so difficult to open, some contents spill when you forcefully open it.

Try it for yourself and get a discount!

Use our promo code markxabi when you order OXO Tot online and get 10% discount.


How to Apply the Code:

  1. Go to oxototph.com.
  2. Choose the items you would like to buy. Click “add to cart”
  3. Upon checkout, input your billing details and type the promo code “markxabi” in the ORDER NOTES. Choose your mode of payment (bank transfer or cash-on-delivery) and then click “Place Order”. REMINDER: do not input the promo code in the “coupon code” field.
  4. OXO Tot Philippines by TRC will send the discounted amount of the product/s plus the payment details.

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