We never realized how important having a well-prepared diaper bag is until we became parents. Surviving the day outside pretty much relies on it. What goes inside will depend on your baby’s age and how long you intend to be out. On this blog, we will share with you what’s in our diaper bag.

Choosing a diaper bag

The main things to look for are:

  • Waterproof lining
  • Multiple pockets
  • Compartments
  • Sturdiness
  • Size

For us, having a large enough diaper bag in a dark shade (so we don’t have to worry about stains too much) will suit us best. Of course, you can always use a different bag like a backpack or a carryall. Get whatever works for you.

For the Baby

0-6 months

Although we didn’t go out much until Atticus was three  months old, our short trips to the doctor requires the essentials:


In our experience when Atticus was a newborn, he needed a diaper change after breastfeeding. So, to calculate how much diapers to bring, we assume that we need 1 for every two hours we’re out plus two extra pieces.

Nappy Cream

We love Tikoy’s natural diaper cream that keeps rashes at bay. It’s also handy and comes in a solid container so it doesn’t get squashed like the tube ones.


We buy our wipes on a promo where getting two packs with 90 pulls each comes with a little pack of 40s that can easily fit in our bag. If your trip is short, this will be more than enough for diaper changes, sticky hands, wiping surfaces, or managing those emergencies when your baby spits up on your clothes.

Tip: Choose wipes with secure lids to prevent them from drying out.

Travel Sized Baby Wash

Sometimes, wipes won’t do a proper clean up especially with poop. Having a small bottle of baby wash can be such a life saver. And oh, sometimes, you might need to wash yourself too.

Changing pad

Our diaper bag comes with a free changing pad that doubles as a cushion whenever our baby wants to lie down.

Light Blanket

Not only does it keep your baby warm, it can also be used as a burp cloth and nursing cover.


This trusty Filipino essential is so versatile. It can be your burp cloth, baby blanket, cover for surfaces, umbrella, and even a diaper if need be.

Extra set of clothes

We bring at least three extra set of clothes whenever we go out. Since Atticus sweats a lot, we keep him comfortable with light materials and sando.


Although babies 0-3 months old don’t drool so much, keep a few pieces for spit ups.

First Aid Kit

Keep a small bag for alcohol, thermometer, plaster strips, antibiotic ointment, and paracetamol.

Note: the alcohol is for disinfecting your (parent) hands or surfaces.


Keep your baby safe from the harsh rays of sun or rain with an umbrella.

Nursing covers/Scarf

Nurse anywhere with a breathable nursing cover. However, Atticus doesn’t like feeding with a nursing cover, so I usually wear nursing clothes for easy access and coverage. But I still keep a scarf just in case.

Small bag for trash

We re-use plastic bags for soiled diapers we can’t dispose of right away, dirty clothes, and other trash.

Cleaning tools

Nail cutter, baby nail file, etc. Sometimes, the best time to give your baby’s nails a trim is when you’re outside the house and say, while waiting for your turn at the doctor’s.

Baby documents and Baby Book

To prevent ourselves from leaving them behind whenever we go to the doctor, we keep Tikoy’s baby book and immunization card in an envelope and tucked in one of our diaper bag’s pockets. The rule is to never put it anywhere else and must be returned immediately so we always know where to find it for quick access in case of emergencies where his history is needed.

Insect Repellent

If you’re staying outdoors, arm your baby with a DEET-free mosquito repellent or the ones that you can stick to his clothes.


Bring his favorite toy to keep him busy during commute and waiting time.

Tip: Tie his toy to your diaper bag or stroller.

6 months-1 year

Now that our baby is eating solids, we had to make a few changes in our checklist. For one, since Atticus is teething and drools a lot, we pack twice as much bibs for him. Other things we need to pack are:

Baby Food

Our trips are usually planned ahead so we prepare our baby’s food and freeze them. Other times, we bring his favorite plain yogurt or banana.

Baby utensils

Baby food containers, a travel sized spoon, and sippy cup with distilled water.

Tip: Most of baby utensils are great for moms on the go, but if yours are too bulky, consider buying a set that’s compact.

For the Parents

Water Tumbler

Since Abi is breastfeeding, she needs to keep herself hydrated so having a tumbler of water is important.

Tip: Get a spill-proof tumbler.


How many times have we found ourselves wishing we brought food? A parent must keep himself energized for his baby.

Tip: Pack filling snacks with long shelf-life such as biscuits and granola bars.


Keys. Cellphone. Wallet.

Extra shirt

So many things can happen when you go out. We’ve caught drool, vomit, and even poop! Keep an extra shirt in the bag!

Arranging your stuff

We’re not exactly the type of people who pack immaculately. We know some organize their stuff in bags within bags but that can be troublesome for us when we’re in a hurry or are trying to get something with just one hand.

For us, access is king. What we do is to place the frequently used materials such as bibs and wet wipes on top. We also make good use of the pockets by assigning which goes where. For example, the largest inner pocket on the left side of our bag is where we keep all of the diaper-changing essentials. The right one, on the other hand, is where we keep the first-aid kit.

Diaper bags have a science of its own. Surely, what’s inside will keep changing as Atticus grows and that this bag will be quite a fixture to us for a while.

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  1. Keeping in mind the 0-6months as baby is having solids soon!!! Question lang, is the green elephant a teether? I find that type okay since my baby is having a hard time to grip her current teether (too kapal pa for her hands). She’s 4mos old. Thanks! @lalatellano

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