I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received a message from a PR firm saying that Baby Dove PH is gifting first time moms like me a free photoshoot session with Little Heartbeat Photography.

So many things ran into my head. Is this a new scam? Why would they pick me? So, for my peace of mind, I did a background check. I went through their social media accounts, confirmed with friends, and grilled the representative with questions. After an all clear, I finally decided to go for it.


They gave us recommended clothes that go with Baby Dove’s branding. My tipid self didn’t even think of buying new clothes because my wardrobe is pretty basic and has the same palette. The only person we spent on of course, was Atticus.

On the ride to the venue, Atticus was quiet. I can sense that he’s feeling a little off and to confirm my guess, threw up twice. The poor boy must be nervous, we joked, and brushed it off as car sickness.

Upon arriving, we were welcomed by two moms, Tin (brand director for Baby Dove PH) and Feliz (Little Heartbeat photographer).

Tin is playing with Tikoy while Abi was on the make-up chair
Tikoy and her very motherly photographer, Feliz

I also met Jasmine Mendiola, our make up artist who did such a fantastic no-make-up-make-up look on us, moms. I turned into an instant fan. She did this in just ten minutes and I wanted to wear it every day of my work-from-home life. In this little span of time, I learned that she also has a baby who’s as the same age as Tikoy, and that they have the same elephant onesie!

with Jasmine the make-up artist

The residence makes as a studio and was the Pinterest house of my dreams. Stylishly minimalist white walls, pastel notes, and accents of forest green plants.






I was just thinking of how we can recreate the same in our house when Atticus suddenly threw up for the third time on a handsome chair and carpet. I was horrified. What could be wrong with him? And how will I clean this mess up?

To my relief, Feliz came to the rescue, and told me to let Atticus get some sleep. She assured me that it’s better for babies to throw up whatever is bothering them. When he’s ready, we’ll give him a bath time shoot since he needs one anyway.

We tried to get him into the tub when he woke up but he just cried and cried. I was already tensed at this point. Maybe this wasn’t a good time for Tikoy. Maybe we need to forfeit the photoshoot, pack up, and go straight to his doctor.


But in all of my worries, the wisdom of experienced moms come in handy. Feliz and Tin assured us that it’s ok. They can wait until he has calmed down.

I have to say, the guys from Little Heartbeat Photography are experts with babies. They know how to work with them and were genuinely patient. Later, Tikoy came to his best self, charming everyone with his smile and laughter. He’s a sweet boy, they said.


When you’re a mom, you wouldn’t think that Mother’s Day is a big deal. Being one was just something you do, but it sure is nice to be appreciated. I know I have taken my mom for granted too.


In the end, I was grateful to have had the chance to be part of Baby Dove PH’s social media campaign, and bring home beautiful photos with my son to remember my first mother’s day. It may not have gone smoothly (nothing does, actually.) but it’s alright. After all, there are no perfect moms, just real ones.

Oh how we love this teepee.
Our loyal personal assistant. #changecareer
Going home groufie.

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