One thing we share as a couple is skin regimen. Aside from our daily routine, we have a special pampering session, if you will, on Saturdays with Human Heart Nature’s body and facial scrub.

We’ve tried some of their products before but haven’t fully dived in until we got pregnant last 2017, having to be more choosy with what we put on our skin because our body absorbs it and will greatly impact the tiny human growing in Abi’s belly. We also like their advocacies in being pro-poor, pro-Philippines, and pro-environment.

We started with their detoxifying mask and scrub. This one uses biodegradable bamboo granules instead of the plastic microbeads that add to the concentration of microplastics in our oceans. It comes in blueberry scent and can be used both ways as a facial scrub or a mask.


How to use it?

As scrub:

After washing your face,  apply generously on your face and neck, massaging in circular motions for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Important: avoid getting the product on your eye area. The skin around it is delicate.

As a mask:

Apply generously on your clean, dry face and leave on for 3 to 5 minutes, then massage gently before rinsing off.

Important notes:

  • Use this at night. It has the tendency to increase the skin’s sensitivity due to the multifruit extracts.
  • They recommend doing this 2-3 times a week, but we suggest introducing it slowly at once a week for your first try, slowly adding frequency later.

After using it, we immediately felt how it smoothened our faces and remained soft until the next day. Like the aftermath of a facial, we couldn’t stop touching our faces!

Our new favorite is the Natural Body Scrub – Coffee & Vanilla. Just like the facial scrub, this one also uses biodegradable coffee granules that adds to its soothing Vanilla scent.

How to use it:

After rinsing off soap, apply the scrub and massage gently for 3 to 5 minutes. We like to leave it on for a few minutes after scrubbing to soak in that moisturizing goodness and to maximize the scent.

As it is rich, you need to rinse it off thoroughly with warm water.

Important notes:

  • Make sure you don’t scrub too hard or too long in one spot because you can actually abrade your skin.
  • The use of soap or shower gel after applying body scrub is not necessary.

It works like magic. It immediately turns your skin supple and moisturized. It feels soft for days!


Our Takeaways

  • We must be intentional in taking care of our skin. The older we get, the more we must find ways to protect, nourish and pamper it.
  • Becoming parents made us aware of the products that we use for our body. Being around with kids (and specially babies) make you take a second look on those that have dangerous chemicals like parabens, sulfates, etc.
  • Aside from using plastic microbeads that goes to our water system, popular brands in the market right now use crushed walnuts which have jagged edges that hurt the skin. Human Heart Nature, on the other hand, uses natural ingredients like strawberry seeds and coffee granules.


Both products can be ordered at the online store or at kiosks in select malls nationwide.

2 replies on “Review: Human Heart Nature Scrubs

  1. Human Nature is ❤️❤️❤️ i have a lot of Human Nature product here like Face mist,lip balm,sunblock,sunflower oil and baby bottle cleanser,its great!!!


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