It has been over a year since I received my LumiSpa. While I was so close to having it returned because my tipid (stingy) self couldn’t stomach spending so much on a skincare product, I am glad to have given it a try. “This better work!” I said, and to my surprise, it did.

Blogger showing a beauty product
It actually works!

Maybe most of us (like myself) avoid invitations to MLM programs, but I appreciate that some products are actually good—something I would regularly get for myself and my family.

Beauty blogger promoting lumispa

One of which is NuSkin’s LumiSpa. It transformed my skincare routine as its two-minute cycle works for lazy girls like me. More so, I’m going through a “maskne” (mask acne) phase, and I can say it helps me manage it.

Before and after using lumispa in treating acne and mask acne
My Maskne situation at two months apart

I guess there’s no turning back for us from using the Lumispa, especially that our current predicament compels us to do everything ourselves at home than getting a facial treatment elsewhere for our safety. Not to mention, that’s so much savings, too!

No make up photo
I still have a long way to go to achieve the glass skin, but appreciating the glow and tamer mask acne thanks to LumiSpa!

I have yet to try their line of gentle treatment for acne prone skin, but as far as their basic kit goes, I can say we’re satisfied.

Learn more about this game changer of a home spa device with my full review here.

If you have been on the fence about purchasing one but found this post as “the sign” you needed 😉, I also included instructions on the blog on how to get your device at a member discount (save up to PhP 4,200.00 on a basic kit). P.S.: no minimum purchase, and you can get all of the products at a member rate!

Earning with NuSkin

I was also adamant about signing up, but I appreciate that NuSkin’s platform doesn’t require a minimum purchase or sales target to meet. Upon registering, we communicated to our sponsor that we’re not going to be actively selling. Our main goal is to get the products at a discounted member price. We’re happy that she respects that.

To date, we only posted one honest review of the LumiSpa and shared our member code for those interested in getting products, and we were surprised to have gathered some commissions since.

If you’re interested in doing the business, we can connect you to our sponsor. She’ll be more than happy to walk you through NuSkin and coach you. Send us a message at or through the contact us form here.

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